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FranB Designs – Frontier Town


Yeehaw, it’s Friday! And this weeks release by FranB is all about the wild wild west! It’s a cute kit that can be used for scrapping all your cowboy adventures, but it also has some cute girly touches for the cowgirls out there!


Of course you can use it for all those Frontierland photos from Disneyland, or the characters you meet over there. Actually, while you are reading this, I’m enjoying the Frontierland adventures live at Disneyland Paris! But you can also use it for all sorts of other photos, like I did while scrapping my niece who really loves horseback riding!

20140530FrontierTown 20140530FrontierTown2

So go check out this cool new release by FranB and enjoy your weekend, I’m sure I will!


Lisa Rosa Designs – Buoyant


Lisa Rosa also has a new release for you this week! No specific theme, just a gorgeous kit full of vibrant colors that really give you a spring feeling. Buoyant is the name of this cute new release!

I love the blue and green colors in this kit, so that’s where I got my inspiration, they gave me a vacation feeling!


So go check out this new release by Lisa Rosa Designs to scrap some spring and summer memories too!

FranB Designs – Candy Rush


Fran’s new release this week is super sweet! Tooth decay sweet! It’s filled with lollipops, chocolates, gumdrops, jellybeans and all sorts of yummy sweet stuff! Perfectly matched to your favorite online candy themed game, you can scrap your addiction! Candy Rush is also perfect for your kids messy candy faces, visits to the candy shop at home or at some place fun like Disney!

I got my inspiration from some Disney pics of course, cause Goofy’s Halloween outfit was all about the candy!


So if you have some sweet moments to scrap yourself, go check out this new release by FranB Designs!

FranB Designs – Knights & On The Line Templatepack


FranB has some new releases for you today! She has a cool new kit: Knights! Which is great for your Sword in the Stone pics at Disney, but she added several Merlin type elements as well, to make sure you can scrap this old sorcerer! Comes complete with a purple dragon! 🙂

She also has a new template pack in store for you today: On The Line!

I combined the best of both worlds into one LO!


So go check out this new release over at Fran’s Store!

Lisa Rosa Designs – Delicate Sunburst Templates


And then of course we have Lisa Rosa Designs, who also has something new for you in store this Friday! It’s a template pack: Delicate Sunburst!


I loved working with these templates so much that I didn’t make one, but two LO’s with it! Check it out!



For these LO’s I used some older kits by Lisa Rosa Designs: My Beauty Day Off & Sun Kissed. They aren’t new, but definitely worth checking out!


And with that I leave you for the weekend, hope you have a great weekend scrapping or doing fun stuff you can scrap later 🙂

FranB Designs – On The Ark


It’s Friday, that means new releases by some awesome designers! I know you’ve probably been shopping all weekend with iNSD, but I hope you’ve got some money left 🙂 First up we have FranB, who has this cute Noah-inspired kit for you: On The Ark.


It combines perfectly with another older kit by Fran: Baby Love!


You can use this new release for so many different things: baby’s, animals… Even more if you combine it with Baby Love, like I did. I got inspired by the doves and even scrapped one of my parents wedding photos with it!


I just love the sweet colors this kit has and the many things you can do with it. I’m sure you can come up with something too, so go check it out in Fran’s Store!

Lisa Rosa Designs – Freebies, New Release & A Sale!


Well if that wasn’t enough, there are also lots of new goodies by the awesome Lisa Rosa Designs to celebrate your iNSD with!

First up, let’s start with the freebies, cause everyone loves those right! As said earlier, the designers at WLS are celebrating this weekend, not only with fantastic sales and all kind of fun, but also with this breathtaking blog hop!!! Awesome Women was the theme and Lisa made you a kit about exactly that!

I don’t really consider myself awesome, but I have to admit that scrapping this old pic of myself with this kit was pretty awesome! So head on over to Lisa’s blog so you don’t miss out on this cute kit.


And now on to more great news: Lisa Rosa Designs shop is also 50% off for the iNSD weekend! Which means you can grab this supercool new release for half price!

I just love the bright colors this kit has, it actually made me think of one of my favorite princesses: Rapunzel, and her Flynn!


So once again, wishing you a happy iNSD weekend and don’t forget to check out these awesome designs!