Magical Scrappers – Dream Hotels: Nautical


My friend Samantha (previously designing under the name Magical Designs) got out of her designing hibernation and created an awesome new kit for you guys! I’m so glad she’s back, I always loved scrapping with her designs. She started up a new store under the name Magical Scrapper and she created the kit ‘Dream Hotels: Nautical’.


It was created with Disney’s Newport Bay Club (among others) in mind, so I couldn’t not scrap that:


But of course it’s perfect for almost any LO on which you want that nautical theme, like meet & greets with Duffy!


So go check it out, new releases are always 20% off till the next release. And let’s hope she has more of these great designs in store for us!

Two new releases by Kristin Cronin-Barrow


This is my last week as a guest CT member at Kristin’s team already, time sure flies when you’re having fun scrapping with those amazing designs! Fortunately I got to close with not one but two new releases!

First up is Kristin’s solo kit, Schooled: First Day. Anxious, scared, excited or sad, no matter what emotion you or your child is feeling about the first day of school, this is the kit with which to save and share that once-a-year-moment. Perfect primary colors are the foundation for Kristin’s beautifully-classic school day kit. Enjoy that first day of school…it will certainly be a special memory for years to come!


Also available in a bundle with some extra cards and snippets:


I don’t have any kids, but I dove into my archives and scanned some of my own schoolpictures from kindergarten. It’s always fun to scrap those old memories from the pre-digiscrapping age!


Second, Kristin teamed up with Becca from Tickled Pink Studio. Farewell Summer pays homage to the end of summer holidays and the change of the season. Filled with rich colors, beautiful florals and over 80 elements, Farewell Summer is perfect for capturing your summer memories and welcoming the Fall season.


Well I’m certainly not ready to say goodbye to summer yet, but this kit did remind me of the gorgeousness that is fall and the pretty colors that come with it.


So much awesome new designs this week, head on over to the shop and pick your favorites!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Amanda Yi – Excuse The Mess


Know someone who lives like a pig?! Can’t get them to clean up after themselves!? Well then scrap about it using Excuse the Mess with Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Amanda Yi.


A lovely color palette brings together fun and messy elements and bold papers to help you scrap the disasters you come across! When you purchase the bundle, you will receive the kit, cards, paint pack and extra word snippets!


Even if you don’t have any messy kids in the house, this kit is perfect for any mess maker! Like my cats for example!


So there’s no shame in being messy, it’s just another reason to scrap some wonderful pages!
Enjoy your weekend and happy scrapping!


Kristin Cronin-Barrow – Fruit Stand: Berry Picking


Summer’s best flavors often contain the word “berry”. Who doesn’t love the burst in your mouth when you’ve just picked a ripe blueberry, blackberry or raspberry? Kristin obviously does, because her new kit contains all the richest colors and the deep sweetness of our favorite berries. The beautiful embellishments include pies, jam, juice, flowers, greenery, word art and with two unique alphas to choose from, your pages will be doubly delicious. Get out and enjoy some local flavor, but don’t forget to take pictures of your trip!


The thing I love about Kristin’s creations is that you can scrap anything with it, no matter the theme! I didn’t have any photos to match this weeks theme, but I found some other photos with matching colors and scrapped a great LO anyway!


So there you see, no excuse not to check out this new release! Happy scrapping and see you next week!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow – Fruit Stand: Strawberry Patch


Kristin has a gorgeous new release for you this week. It’s time to get your fruit on! Strawberries are just as beautiful as they are delicious and Kristin proves that with this brand-new kit! With its perfect pinks and juicy reds, these papers and elements will have you ready to pick these berries and pop them in your mouth! Embellishments include lots of word art, bows, berries, leaves, flowers, hearts, jam, a cupcake, a ladybug and anything else you can think of that makes you think strawberry patch. Four different alphas help you top off your page in beautiful style. Strawberry pie, strawberry jam, strawberry lemonade, or just a plain, fresh strawberry…however you like your fruit, this kit is one you’ve got to grab!


With these colors I think this kit is perfect for any kind of sweet and girly pics, but I just happened to have some perfectly themed photos from years ago laying around:


As always, Kristin’s kit was a joy to scrap with! Her products are simply amazing, so head on over to her shop!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow – Great Outdoors: Meadows


It’s time for another beautiful release in Kristin’s wonderful Great Outdoors series! I just love those kits, and this week we’re visiting the meadows!


Kick off your shoes and dance in the sunshine! Kristin’s latest kit explores the beauty of a grassy green meadow. The colors reflect that inspiration: greens that are bright and beautiful, blues the colors of a prairie sky and rich yellows and oranges. Elements include lots of flower blossoms, flower stems, foliage and greenery, wooden frames, buttons, butterflies, bumblebees, word art and more! Let yourself be young and free again…and scrap those beautiful memories!

This kit comes with loads of extras: cards, snippets and bonus woodgrain papers. All available both seperate and as a bundle!


kcroninbarrow-go-meadows-snippets-preview kcroninbarrow-go-meadows-woodgrain-preview

As usual, I really loved scrapping with this kit! Besides meadows, it’s perfect for scrapping plenty more outside photos! I took these pics from a beautiful flower garden we visited in Oxford to scrap:



Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Krystal Hartley – Sun Kissed


Kristin has teamed up this week with the uber talented Krystal Hartley to create the perfect summer-lovin’ kit, Sun Kissed.  It features a gorgeous and warm color scheme with beautiful pinks, peaches and corals. It’s loaded with beautiful papers and both universal and themed elements for clustering goodness.


I just love the warm feeling this colorscheme has, perfect for those tropical days:


But the colors are also an amazing fit with those gorgeous sunset photos we all have!


So go check it out in the store!

Kristin Cronin Barrow & Brook Magee – Duck, Duck, Goose!


Kristin collaborated with Brooke Magee this week and the resulting kit is super cute. Get it this weekend while it’s on sale at 20% off!


Duck, Duck, Goose is perfect for documenting an afternoon as the local duck pond, a relaxing day at the lake, or even your loved ones being silly! When I first saw it, I thought it was perfect for some pics we took at our girls weekend last week!


But I also wanted to play around and see if I could take this kit in another direction. Cause when you say Duck, I think of…


Which turned out perfect as well if you ask me! So with this kit being suitable for so many things, there’s no reason not to buy it!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow – Hot Summer Days


Due to a girls weekend out, I wasn’t able to scrap immediately with Kristin’s other new release. But I still wanted to show it to you, since it’s gorgeous! Next to the Hot Summer Nights, we now have Hot Summer Days!


Summer is all about the warm, lazy days and cooling off by the pool. Get that great summertime feeling with this fresh new kit from Kristin. The colors are perfectly warm and tropical featuring a rosy pink and a vibrant orange. Elements to make your memories stand out are umbrellas, popsicles, an ice cream cone, flowers, word art and more. First, take the time to enjoy your summer days and then make the most out of scrapping them! This kit also comes with a set of cards, snippets and some lovely bonus papers. All available seperately or in a bundle!


We had some real hot summer days past weekend, so this kit came in perfectly for scrapping those pics!


I hope you’ll love it as much as I did, have a wonderful time scrapping those warm memories!

Kristin Cronin-Barrow – Hot Summer Nights


Let’s dust this blog off, cause I’m back! I haven’t stopped scrapping, but I did quit all of my CT jobs for a while cause my mind was on overload. But when the amazing Kristin Cronin-Barrow was having a guest CT call, I couldn’t resist! Of course I never thought that I would make it, a lot of the Sweet Shoppe scrappers are so incredibly good, but I did! So for the months of July and Augusts I’ll be scrapping with her gorgeous designs!

This week, her new release is called Hot Summer Nights. And boy, are we having some of those here in Holland at the moment!


Warm temps and long sunsets…what’s better than “Hot Summer Nights”? The deep, rich colors and textures in this kit will have to staying up late to scrap, guaranteed. The embellishments include fireflies, stars, flowers, buttons, a full moon, a crescent moon, party lights and lots of word strips. Two different sunset-colored alphas give you the options to make your page perfect. Time to get your friends together, throw a party or a bonfire and grab your camera. Don’t wait…summer nights will be gone before you know it!

There are also lots of add-ons available, both separately and as a bundle!

kcroninbarrow-hotsummernights-cards-preview kcroninbarrow-hotsummernights-snippetsandbits-preview kcroninbarrow-hotsummernights-starrypapers-preview

I got so excited by the beautiful colors in this kit that I couldn’t stop scrapping at one LO, so I made two!

HotSummerNights1 HotSummerNights2

I hope your hot summer nights will bring you lots of inspiration to scrap with this awesome kit!