A Year In Review: 12 Days of By Romajo Freebies!


Can you believe it’s almost 2014 again? Time really went fast this year, so much has happened and so many By Romajo releases came across this blog. To look back at this past scrapping year the By Romajo CT girls created freebies for you: using all the P12 releases. And the best part is: everyday one of the P12 kits is on sale voor 50% off, starting with January today!


My turn is not up yet, but I wanted to show you guys where to go the upcoming 12 days for some awesome freebies:

Dec. 13th: Jennifer
Dec. 14th: Annelies
Dec. 15th: Marieke
Dec. 16th: Marieke
Dec. 17th: Lisa
Dec. 18th: Lisa
Dec. 19th: Marieke
Dec. 20th: Lisa
Dec. 21st: Annet
Dec. 22nd: Lisa
Dec. 23th: Jennifer
Dec. 24th: Jennifer


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