Bunny Bloghop (Freebies!)


It’s almost Easter and here at the little lowlands we thought that was a nice occasion for another bloghop: a bunny hop! We’ve got some fabulous designers among us and this time instead of just creating clusters I took my shot at designing too. It’s not as awesome as the other parts, but at least I had fun creating it. And hopefully you like it and can use it in combination with the other parts!


You know the drill, just click the preview to download! And then head over to download the other freebies, here’s the list of the entire bloghop:

You’re here >> Annet: https://scrapannet.wordpress.com << You’re here
Mayo Designs: http://mayoscrapdesigns.wordpress.com/
Melanie’s things: http://melaniesthings.wordpress.com/
Romajo: http://romajoscrap.blogspot.nl/
Renata: http://renatasscraps.blogspot.nl/
Magical Designs: http://magical-designs.weebly.com/

And I’ll leave you with a little inspiration, here’s a LO I created with my own part of this bloghop. Happy Easter!



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