Mye de Leon – An Innocent Heart


Hello digiscrappers! I’m here with a little different news than usually, a shout out to our warm digiscrap community actually.
I don’t know if you guys know Mye de Leon, she’s a wonderful designer who recently had a baby, Alphonse. Now that should be good news, but unfortunately the baby has a hole in his heart chambers and needs surgery, soon! This is an expensive surgery, so they need to collect the money and that’s where we can help!

You can read the entire story about Alphonse here!

You can head on over to Mye de Leon’s shop to buy something or you can just contribute through the link on the website above. But the designers in digiscrap land also contributed: they made a wonderful collab ‘An Innocent Heart‘. You can buy it and the money goes to little Alphonse for his surgery!


Over 100 designers contributed to this collab, it’s almost 1,5GB worth of digital scrap goodies for just 20 dollar!

Some of the designers I do CT work for, also contributed: Arts & Ains Designs and By Romajo. Here are their mini kits, which are part of the entire collab.

ArtsandAinsDesigns_AnInnoce folder

And here’s what I scrapped with their parts of the collab:


So buy some of Mye de Leon’s products, buy the collab or just contribute, but I hope you’ll reach out and help these people in their time of need, so little Alphonse has a chance!


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