Sanko Studio – Insta-Temps & Margin Doodles


Are you hooked on instagram? I know I am, I started each day of my London-trip at the Starbucks around the corner (with wifi) to Instagram some photos I made the day before. So if you also love Instagram, then pick up this new release by Sanko Studio! It’s a pack of four templates designed with your instagram photos in mind. Easily plug your most precious cell pics into these two, three, and four inch photo layouts.

No instagram? No problem! You’ll see it’s also great for other photos, you can put anything in here! My next Insta-Temp LO is one I combined with another release by Sanko Studio: Margin Doodles. A set of 12 doodles literally copied from the designers notes from a meeting at work (it must have been a very interesting meeting).

As you see, both releases are awesome! So stop by at Sanko Studio, there are also a lot of freebies to pick up at the July DST Blog Train! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to like Sanko Studio’s Facebook Page, cause there also is an awesome freebie for you!


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