By Romajo – Royal Celebration & Template Pack (+ freebie)


Long live the queen! Every year on the 30th of april, here in Holland we celebrate queensday. It’s to celebrate the birthday of our queen, so everybody dresses up in our national colors and there are parties throughout the whole country. To celebrate along with these festivities, Marieke created this new kit: Royal Celebration!

Here are the LO’s I created with it. To show you that it’s a versatile kit that can also be used of your not Dutch, I created one queensday LO and one other:

Marieke has been very busy lately, cause not only is she releasing this Royal Celebration kit, she also has a brand new template pack in store for you!!!

They’re great, so I worked with both of them and here are my LO’s. Since Marieke is a beginning designer, I used other designers kits to fill ‘m up:

Now to wrap things up: I promised you a freebie earlier this week, so here it is! I made this clusterframe for you, which can be used to frame all types of festive photos. Just click the image to download! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and for all the Dutch scrappers out there: have an awesome queensday!


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